Frequently Asked Questions

We like people who ask questions! Do you have any queries or concerns for us? Perhaps these FAQs can help you get the right the answers.

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What is the significance of the name People1?
Who can benefit from People1?
How do I know which teams in my Organization will be interested to use People1?
How will People1 benefit my Organization?
Is People1 meant only for the Service industry?
My Organization has only 50 employees. Will People1 fit us?
Is People1 an all-in-one platform?
What features are available in People1?
My IT team has developed some workflow applications. Can I continue to use them in People1?
I already have some homegrown applications. Should I stop using them?
What is your licensing model?
How do I know what new features are available in People1?
How do I convince my Management that People1 can be a fit for our Organization?